Hot Fork Buffets

Menu Ideas

Hot fork buffets are a great way to enjoy an informal, "sit where you like dinner", whilst still providing your guests with a hearty and filling meal. We have a wide choice of choices available to choose from.

  • Thai green chicken curry served with steamed basmati rice finished with fresh coriander
  • North African lamb tagine, richly flavoured with dried fruits and warmly spiced with ginger and cinnamon.
  • Beef goulash with capsicum, paprika and soured cream
  • Saute chicken with button mushrooms and tarragon sauce
  • Pork with Cotswold cider, sage and mustard
  • Slow cooked beef, shallot and 'Dark and Handsome' ale casserole
  • Chicken with chorizo, basil and plum tomato sauce
  • Salmon, smoked haddock and prawn crumble
  • Mediterranean vegetable, basil and bean chilli (Veg)
  • Mushroom stroganoff with brandy and coarse grain mustard (Veg)
  • Asparagus, shallot and baby spinach risotto finished with parmesan (Seasonal) (Veg)

All served with basmati rice, buttered new potatoes or cous cous as appropriate. All dishes are served with two of the following:

  • Mixed leaf salad (Veg)
  • Chickpea salad with mushrooms and spinach leaves in a yoghurt mint dressing (Veg)
  • Leafy rocket salad (Veg)
  • Wild rice salad with avocado, spring onion, radish and cress (Veg)
  • Classic coleslaw (Veg)
  • Red cabbage and chive coleslaw (Veg)
  • Beetroot, feta, baby spinach and mint (Veg)
  • Potato salad with honey, mustard and cider vinegar dressing (Veg)
  • Spanish tomato salad (Veg)
  • Five bean and flatleaf parsley salad (Veg)

We are happy to create a menu to suit your specific requirements. Please contact us for a quote.

For your convenience, included in your quote are white napkins. If you require linen tablecloths and/or an alternative colour napkin, these will be charged accordingly.