Menu Ideas

Freshly prepared with the finest ingredients, we can offer four varieties of paella; "Mixed", "Seafood", "Meat" and "Vegetarian".

  • The "Mixed" Paella contains, chicken, chorizo sausage plus various shellfish, including mussels, prawns, squid and calamari. red peppers, onions, Paella rice, Paella herbs with the all important saffron, olive oil and tomatoes all go to complete the flavoursome dish.
  • Nourishing and vibrant, our "Seafood" Paella is packed with an assortment of mixed seafood combined with smoked paprika, garlic, parsley and sweet peppers, finished with fresh lemon wedges.
  • The "Meat" Paella contains the same as the mixed Paella but instead adding the mixed shellfish we add extra chorizo sausage and chicken to give it a mighty meat taste!
  • For the "Vegetarian" Paella we add various vegetables in place of the shellfish and meats. (Veg)

This is all added to our huge Paella pans and cooked in the authentic Spanish style, to create an amazing tasting Paella for you and your guests to enjoy.

For your convenience, included in your quote are white napkins. If you require linen tablecloths and/or an alternative colour napkin, these will be charged accordingly.